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We are a Managed Services Provider

For many years we operated on a break/fix business model -that is, we waited for something to break. We then waited for the client to notice and call us. Our cost and profit were low and client aggravation, due to down time, was high.

We then shifted to a Managed Services business model.  Here we were proactive and predictive of system failures.  Cost was high for us and our clients as the tools that we used to manage client systems were managed by third parties.

We now have the ability to monitor our clients systems at a very low cost to no cost.  We flag issues as they come up and the client has a choice to DIY the issue or ask us to do it. When an issue is flagged the client is automatically issued a service ticket.  They can then ask us for an estimate or request that we do the work.  Clients can also login to their own company portal to view existing tickets.  It’s that Simple! 

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Monitor & Manage Your Network

Worry free network monitoring of your office workspace.

System Maintenance and Monitoring

Know before you are in trouble. We can monitor your systems and proactively respond to issues to prevent downtime.

Network Design

We can help you to configure your network in ways that allow your employees to work remotely while protecting you from intrusions.

Cyber Security

Let us help you to stay protected from Zero-Day vulnerabilities with the Smart Design of Software and Hardware Firewalls.

Virus and Spyware Prevention and Removal

We use DNS Management, Spyware and Malware monitoring and Security Awareness Traning to prevent intrusions.

Data Recovery and Backup Solutions

Let us assist you in finding the best trades offs between onsite – offsite backups and recovery times for your situation.

Cloud Services

If you are using Cloud Services  we can help with backup and creating solutions that are the best fit for your organization.

Remote Monitoring and Management

With real-time Remote Monitoring and customizable Notifications, you can choose what issues are surfaced so you can quickly focus on identifying and fixing critical situations.

Automated Remediation

Identify, diagnose, and fix issues – fast. Between comprehensive Monitoring, real-time Alerts, and an extensive set of Maintenance tasks, we can fix issues before they even become a problem.

Communicate Faster

With built-in communication tools and a dedicated Portal for each of our clients, you can better communication with us and be notified with automated messages.

Robust Reporting

Built-in reports enable you to keep and eye on your entire network’s performance, while also letting you dive into details of each every flagged issue.

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